My name is Topher. I'm a senior full-stack web developer, indie game-dev, and musician.

I am currently employed as a senior developer working on interactive software, apps, and other web-related materials in the medical field. Outside of that, I enjoy tinkering with various side projects that you can check out below or on my GitHub.

Below you will also find some of the indie games that I've worked on. Some of that work has been programming, some of it has been music and sound design work, and a little bit of it has been art and graphic design. I've also worked on various smaller game-dev related things that you can find on my itch.io page.

If you're interested in seeing me perform some music, I post short covers and jams on my Instagram. You can find some of my released albums below or on my Bandcamp, and you can check out other various other music-related things on my YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.